Announcement: What’s the Difference Between Green Valley and Henderson?

Green Valley Henderson Neighborhood Park Green Valley is a Master Planned Community within Henderson started by American Nevada Real Estate Development. Here is the story… Green Valley Green Valley, American Nevada’s flagship community, is located in Henderson and was the first master planned community in the Las Vegas valley. The community, begun in 1978 and […]

Announcement: Utilities – Gas, Water, Power

Henderson Nevada Utilities Hello new residents! Here is where you will find all the services necessary to establish your Utilities including – Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Garbage, and Telephone. Electricity – Nevada Power For additional Information: Telephone Numbers 702-402-5000 – Main Number 800-331-3103 – Toll Free 702-402-5555 – 24 Hour Customer Service 702-402-5554 – […]

Announcement: Jobs and Employment in Henderson

Finding Employment in Henderson Nevada Nevada Job Connect is the website offered by the Nevada Employment Security Division.  There local office is located here: Henderson JobConnect 119 Water Street Henderson, NV 89015-7290 Phone: (702) 486-0300 Fax: (702) 486-0328 The JobConnect Webiste contains all the resources you would expect from any State Government run job referral service. Ideas on where to […]

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Shopping in Henderson NV an Overview

Stores and Shopping in Henderson NV Henderson is Strip Mall heaven! Sometimes it feels like very other mile you will find a Strip Mall with a dozen or so retail outlets, a grocery chain, and fast food restaurants. A drive up and down Stephanie Street or Eastern Avenue (These Streets run North/South) will result in […]

Videos of Typical Henderson Homes

Video Tours of Typical Henderson Homes For Sale Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Real Estate Market is in Flux! There are a lot of Foreclosures on the Market! Henderson Nevada Real Estate prices are declining significantly in some neighborhoods. The fall began in 2007 and continues in 2008 and could well continue into 2010! The […]

Zip Code Map

Henderson NV Zip Codes 89009 89011 89012 89014 89015 89016 89044 89052 89053 89074 89077

Golf Courses

You probably already know about the many Golf Courses in the Las Vegas Valley; they seem to be interspersed in every neighborhood. It’s one of the reason so many people vacation and retire to this community. Henderson is no exception, with an excellent assortment of Golf Courses to make any golfer happy! Please notify us […]

Moving and Storage Businesses

Henderson Moving and Storage Companies If you are moving to Henderson Nevada you may incur the need for storage – at least temporarily. If you are moving within Henderson Nevada then you may need the services of a local mover or a do-it-yourself moving center. Or maybe you just need the location of someplace to […]

Choosing a Realtor®

An Experienced Realtor will Pay for Themselves Finding a suitable Nevada Real Estate Agent can be a daunting task for those relocating without local contacts. We’ve put this Henderson Nevada Real Estate Page together to help you get started in your Home Search. Securing a Good Real Estate Agent is essential to finding the “right” […]

Banks and Credit Unions in Henderson NV

Henderson Nevada Banking Henderson has dozens of Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.  The intent of this page is to provide information to New Residents the Companies doing business in Henderson. This is not a list of Bank Addresses or Branch Locations.  You can find bank addresses in any local Yellow Pages Directly.  This list is not […]

Education: Schools Information

Education and Schools in Henderson NV Relocating to Henderson Nevada with school age children?  Want to take extension courses or enroll in college?  Then use this page as a resource for locating the school information you need. Public Education K-12 The Clark County School District maintains extensive information of interest to families living in the […]!