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What is VOIP?

VOIP = “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. Voice over IP is a technology that allows you to place regular telephone calls over your broadband internet connection. You do not have to turn your computer on to use the telephone, it works just like a regular home telephone has always worked.  In today’s economy this is by far the cheapest full service telephone option. You MUST have a Broadband Internet Connection in order for this service to work.  Average cost of unlimited telephone service is $8.25 per month.  Century Link (Formerly Embarq) will charge you $44.95 per month for the same type of service!!!  That’ s insane!  Bundle it with their Internet and/or TV and it’s still at least TRIPLE the cost to use Century Link!

Horrible Service from Century Link – Don’t Use Century Link

Our experience as a former customer of Century Link was dismal.  After Century Link suckering us in with their “Fixed Price/High Speed” gimmick they doubled our internet access cost from $24.95 per month for the SLOWEST service speed option – 1.5mbs to $49.95!!! DSL services is limited in speed by a number of factors the most important of which is how close your house is to the switch.  As the distance from your home to the switch increases the speed slows down.  This is a limit of DSL technology… so the high speed they promise in advertisements is NOT available to most people.  So we of course canceled.  We did NOT have a contract so we figured no problem.  Guess what happened next?  That’s right we continued to receive bills from Century Link for services we had canceled!  So in addition to calling in we wrote Century Link and told them to STOP billing us.  What did they do next?  They sent us to collections for services we had canceled and never used!  Then we had to write the collection company.  6 months later the bills finally stopped, but how knows what kind of “hit” we will take on our credit report.  So if you want telephone service for cheap Century Link is definitely NOT the place to go.  Our recommendation is to use your Cell Phone, but if you want a Home Phone use VOIP and use CABLE not DSL from Century Link.  DSL service is OLD TECHNOLOGY and no matter how much they sugar coat DSL it will always be OLD TECHNOLOGY.  FYI:  Cox Digital Telephone (Cable) charges $29.99 per month for VIOP.

How much does VOIPO Charge for their Telephone Service?

It costs $15 per month for month-to-month service or $8.25 per month on a 2 year basis.

How the VOIP Telephone Service Works

1) When you order our service, you can select a new phone number or transfer your existing number.

2) We’ll ship you a VOIPo Phone Adapter. When you receive it, simply plug it into your broadband internet connection and plug your normal telephones into it.

3) All done! Use your phone just like you normally would. When you place calls, the adapter sends the calls out through your internet connection to VOIPo network instead of the regular phone network.

Who is the VOIPO Company

Mailing Address:

4500 Campus Dr
Suite 520
Newport Beach CA 92660


VOIPO is backed by HostGator which provides service for over 7 million websites and employs over 1,000 American workers.

Does VOIP Really Work?

The answer is yes it does.  The call clarity on any good broadband connection is just fine. We have used VOIP Services.  If you have every used the SKYPE service you are using VOIP.  Our recommendation is to just use your Cell Phone as a home phone, but that is not a good solution for people who can not afford a $50 a month contract Cellular Telephone Plan or who simply want a home telephone option as well.  VOIP will only work if you have an existing broadband internet connection.  If you want cheap home telephone service this is the way to go and significantly cheaper than Century Link.


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