Henderson Land Development

This picture shows land that is being developed in the foothills of South Green Valley about 2004. This land is now covered with homes. This gives one a very good idea of just how dry an area Henderson is and why water is so valuable.

Henderson Tract Housing

This picture shows a typical distance between homes in the Master Planned Communities. The higher priced homes have more space, but land is very valuable so don’t expect that much distance between you and your neighbor.

Typical Henderson NV Backyard

This picture shows a typical backyard in an ordinary Tract Home (The kind you find in most of Henderson’s Master Planned communities). Henderson and all of Las Vegas is very dry and water is a scarce commodity. So scarce that there are Government funds available to offset the costs of converting ones yard from lawn […]

Residential View of Las Vegas Mountains

This view from a Henderson Neighborhood looking west to the Mountains that Surround the Las Vegas Valley.

Seven Hills Luxury Homes

Many Million Dollar Luxury Homes in the Seven Hills community of Henderson Nevada command a view of the Las Vegas Valley.

Videos of Typical Henderson Homes

Video Tours of Typical Henderson Homes For Sale Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada Real Estate Market is in Flux! There are a lot of Foreclosures on the Market! Henderson Nevada Real Estate prices are declining significantly in some neighborhoods. The fall began in 2007 and continues in 2008 and could well continue into 2010! The […]

Zip Code Map

Henderson NV Zip Codes 89009 89011 89012 89014 89015 89016 89044 89052 89053 89074 89077

Choosing a RealtorĀ®

An Experienced Realtor will Pay for Themselves Finding a suitable Nevada Real Estate Agent can be a daunting task for those relocating without local contacts. We’ve put this Henderson Nevada Real Estate Page together to help you get started in your Home Search. Securing a Good Real Estate Agent is essential to finding the “right” […]