Due to excessive Spam (World is full of EVIL PEOPLE) I have been forced to disable the contact form.

If you really want to get ahold of me you’ll have to type in the email address:

a d m i n @ Kids in Vegas dot COM

Note: I am the Administrator of Both Sites (NevadaHenderson and KIV) so please be sure to mention you are contacting me about Nevada Henderson.

If I can figure out how to stop the SPAM (And yes even with filters and Captcha… it’s alarming) I will reinstate the contact form.

Feel Free to Send us comments or Ask Questions using the Form Below.

This form is for LEGITIMATE visitors of Kids in Vegas that have legitimate questions… this is NOT the place to send unsolicited email. Do NOT I repeat Do NOT send me any kind of email in which you are telling me about your great new offer or how you can get me traffic or any such solicitation. I do NOT want to be contacted by ANYONE except for actual real people who have real questions. I have been doing this site for over 20 years. I do not need any help with traffic or marketing or or or. This is a PERSONAL project. This is NOT a business project. I do NOT need to make money from this website. Get it? So please go spam elsewhere.

I do NOT store any information in this form. I do not Sell or Trade or do anything with your data other than use it to reply to your questions. After that its gone.

All LEGITIMATE inquiries will be answered as soon as possible Thank You.

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