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Nevada Henderson: So Very Long Ago (20 yrs ago)

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Update 2023 Late Fall

You are probably here because you want to find things to do in Henderson NV. Things like Events, Activities, Shows… all the same things but on a somewhat smaller scale than Las Vegas Proper. WE get it. The site sat for a lot of years before I decided to take on the Challenge of Rebuilding and Rebranding it’s purpose. There is not need to compete with the Corporate Giants pushing everything Toursity on Vegas Visitors. Did you know Las was purchased by in 2005 for $12 Million CASH and incentives that push far into the future. In fact when the deal completes years from now the Sellers will have collected $90 million dollars? With that kind of money at Stake they need to stay focused on making money all the time. Thankfully we do not have that pressure and are free to write about and say whatever we want.

We are NOT SPONSORED, we do not Sell ads, we do not collect personal information. We will NEVER EMAIL you anything unless it’s a reply to a question you many have. Quite simply we do not care about the hustle required to chase down sponsors. We do work use one Ad Service from Google to offset the costs of running and maintaining a site.

Not a Business

Nevada Henderson is NOT a business… it’s a PROJECT. Everything is Henderson is in continual flux. It’s really tough for one person to keep up. Fortunately I only have to keep up with limited amount of items for this site. And yes I do work on other sites – once they are set up properly it doesn’t take too much of my time.

Our Stated Mission: To create content that readers actually want to read and will value for the Henderson, NV community.

If you have questions you may send us email via the “Contact” Tab.  Emails are generally responded to within 24 hours excluding weekends. Generally is not a fixed rule however.

I also helped set up and consult on Untamed Austin take a look. I am also the primary contributor (Yeah I almost all of the work) on Kids in Vegas.